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Joe Glaser announced as the 2019 Clinician for LINT Master Class

17 Dec 2018 9:38 AM | Bill Bell (Administrator)

Joe Glaser has always enjoyed taking a damaged guitar and repairing it to bring it back to playing condition. His passion for the craftsmanship of guitar repairs has made him one of the sought-after guitar techs in Nashville. Joe is also a creative designer who has designed several product accessories and add-ons such as the Glaser B-ender, which unlike other string benders can bend three different strings independently. In 2010 when Nashville experienced a deadly flood, several hundred musical instruments were damaged due to the high flood waters. Joe headed up an amazing outpouring of support that resulted in a massive effort to recover and repair as many instruments as possible. The effort was a great example of the community of music supporters as well as Joe’s personal passion for helping fellow musicians!


  • 15 Jan 2019 10:24 AM | Craig Olson (Administrator)
    Looking forward to this one. I just heard an interview with Joe on the Luthier on Luthier podcast and I think this will be good.
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