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Guild of American Luthiers, GAL – The Guild is a nonprofit, tax-exempt educational organization, formed in 1972 to advance the art and science of string instrument making and repair, through an open forum of information exchange. GAL publishes a quarter magazine “American Lutherie” and organizes a national luthier convention.

Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans, A.S.I.A.  – The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (ASIA) was established in 1988 to help provide a sense of community and professionalism to the field of stringed instrument making and repair. ASIA publishes the quarterly journal “Guitarmaker” and organizes a national symposium and exhibition.


Acoustic Guitar Forum - forum with lots of great information and discussion.  You might just see some of our own members weighing in on topics here!

Robert O'Brien Guitars - Robbie was the 2017 Master class clinician and is "dedicated to building and teaching the art of fine custom classical, flamenco, steel string, and electric guitar construction to anyone who wants a quality-handcrafted guitar that sounds amazing." This site connects to resources, videos and classes.

Musical Instrument Makers Forum MIMF – The Musical Instrument Makers Forum is an interactive forum for the discussion of musical instrument construction, design and repair; welcoming builders of all instruments at any skill level from expert to wannabe. - Frank Fords incredible site. Every thing about repairs and guitars. Lots of solid information.

Hoffman Guitar - An accomplished Luthier Charles Hoffman's site has some excellent articles on guitar building.

Kathy Matsushita - A delightful "Amateur Luthier" site with lots of neat links.

Luthier's Forum - builder forum with lots of information for stringed instruments

Ukuleles by Kawika - Mentor to our member Phil Morris and maker of very cool instruments. Author of "Left Brain Lutherie".  This site also contains a free collection of useful spreadsheets.

Vintage Guitar Magazine - Great site plenty of online information.

William Cumpiano - An extraordinary luthier and author of a most excellent book on Guitar making.


Alaska Specialty Woods - top woods of all kinds, including sinker varieties, ancient Sitka and bracewood

Allied Lutherie, Ltd. - Decendants of LMI. Tonewood, tool and parts.

B-Band - Acoustic transducers and microphones. Founding member Bo Walker is the North Texas dealer for B-Band and offers a big discount to LINT members.

B&B Rare Woods - all kinds of natural and dyed veneer

Blues Creek Guitars - A supplier of Martin kits and customer service kits. Finds tools used by many professional guitar builders, developed and refined by John Hall's experience as a builder.

Bridge City Tools- Exquisitely made hand tools and measuring devices.

Cedar Creek Cases - Excellent hard-shell cases. They will custom make them to your profile in relatively small batches. - Source for figured maple and other tonewoods

DePaule Supply Co. –  Produces solid shell blanks of Paua Abalone, Red Abalone, White, Gold, Black and Bronze Mother of Pearl, and many other kinds of shell for inlay work. They also reproduce many old inlay designs as pre-cut inlays ready to put into instruments.

Elevate Lutherie - Tools and jigs for guitar construction.  Ability to make custom tools/jigs. 

Exotic Woods Company Inc. –   Stocks over 50 species of wood for musical instruments.

First Quality Musical Supplies - Mostly instruments but good source for strings and accessories.

Garrett Wade - Fine selection of high end hand and power tools.

GenOne Luthier Services - High quality instrument plans for days.  Also sells CAD files for CNC work. 

Guitarmaker’s Connection – Martin’s guitarmaking site. Kits, Tools, etc.

Guitar Parts and More - Source for all kinds of guitar parts, including fossilized wooly mammoth ivory blanks and other hard-to-find items

Into The Wind - Good website to purchase fiberglass rods and rubber tips for your Go Bar Deck.  You can also  buy some pretty neat kites. 

Joe Woodworker - Vacuum press/vacuum bag design and supplies. Specializing in Veneers.

Lie-Nielsen Tools - Beautifully make precision planes and other hand tools.

Luthiers Mercantile International, LMI –  specializing in wood for musical instruments. Also sells tools and supplies. Their catalog is a must have!  Discount available for LINT members! (update: closed their doors 12/2023)

Luthier Tool - Specialized tools and jigs for the luthier.  

L.R. Baggs - Acoustic pick up systems.

McKinney Hardwoods - DFW based hardwood dealer with a good, rotating selection

Musicians Friend - Some items of interest to builders, mostly manufactured instruments.

Northern Tonewoods - We supply Spruce & other species for all types of acoustic fretted and bowed instruments.

North Ridge Hardwoods - The very best and high quality figured and specialty woods.

Old Standard Musical Instrument Wood - Here is an excellent source for Adirondack tops and bracewood. They ship and let you approve what you buy before you pay for it. Just give them a name, shipping address, and phone numbers and they send it out. Nice folks!!

The Rosewood Shop - Missouri based hardwood dealer

Steward MacDonald (StewMac) - tools, tonewoods, finishing supplies, books, plans and much more

Supergrit - sandpaper of all kinds, including for thickness sanders

Wood World - DFW based shop with selection of hardwoods and woodworking supplies - Great source for Klingspor sandpaper.  Get bargain boxes for cheap and pay by the pound. 

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Luthiers Interactive of North Texas is a club of like-minded individuals, located in the North Texas area, sharing the joy and craft of building stringed instruments. 

Learn - Build - Share   Repeat

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