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June 2023 LINT meeting

  • 10 Jun 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • 405 Lantern Ridge Dr, Mansfield, TX 76063

JUNE 10, 2023 LINT Meeting!

Location Announcement:

I’m excited to share that we will be meeting at Tim Pilson’s shop in Mansfield where he builds acoustic guitars. 

Guitar Setup :  Easy as 1-2-3
How to get any guitar playing great in just 3 simple steps. Setup is the final step in guitar building and leaves one of the biggest impressions to the player. No matter how beautiful in sound and appearance a guitar is, if it is difficult to play or has buzzing and dull notes, the player will perceive the guitar to have fundamental problems. A great setup is an easy way to stand out and establish value. I will be giving a presentation and demonstrating how to get a great setup on every guitar, everytime, using a few simple tools and a simple process.

Please bring any of your favorite setup tools and tips to share. 

As always, this meeting will also have “Swap & Sale” and “Show & Tell”
So bring tonewoods or tools you'd like to sell or trade and your current projects to discuss. 


 We will be returning to our pre-Covid schedule and only meeting from

just 10am-Noon, then meeting up offsite for lunch. 

Please register below for the meeting so we can arrange for seating. 

All the best,   Eb Steward

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 lunch options to share at the meeting.

 friend, your projects and your ideas.

Please register below for the meeting so we can arrange for seating. 

All the best, 

Eb Steward

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