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LINT Class - Adjustable Neck Joint

  • 18 May 2019
  • 9:00 AM (CST)
  • 19 May 2019
  • 5:00 PM (CST)

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Greetings LINT members and followers, and Happy New Year to all. 

One of our founding members, Chris Jenkins of Lamehorse Guitars, has offered us an opportunity to learn how to build and install the 'Adjustable Neck Joint' he uses in the instruments he builds.

This is a very unique build feature that Chris has developed and refined over several years. If you are not familiar, Chris installs a uniquely modified mechanical adjustment capability in the neck joint so you can alter the playing action height on the guitar in minutes, without removing the strings. This is accomplished with a 4mm standard hex wrench, (Allen wrench), making final setup and height adjustment to a particular players liking very simple and fast. The owner/player can then over the life of the instrument, make their own adjustments at will, whenever they have the need/desire to do so. A very useful feature to have on an instrument, and you may not find any other builders besides Chris doing this anywhere.

We need to know who is interested in taking this class as space will be limited to about 8 participants, with a minimum of 4 first time attendees. (to make holding the class worthwhile)

If you took his previous class, there would not be a charge for retaking/updating your knowledge to take this round again. 

If you are a new attendee, you will need to be a paid 2019 LINT member in order to participate in the class, and the charge for the class will be in the form of a donation to LINT.  Your donation would be whatever you feel is appropriate for your gained experience and knowledge.  Everyone attending would need to pay the cost of their materials used , which is not very much.

There would be some online meetings, and presswork on the attendees part for a few months prior to the onsite classwork. The onsite classwork would be scheduled on a Saturday/Sunday for about 6 hours a day to complete the work. 

With the lead time needed for this, and the other meetings on the LINT schedule, we are thinking it may be as far out as the May time-frame before we could schedule the onsite portion of the class. To be determined.

If you have interest in taking the class, please reply to Bill Bell at

by January 18th, so we can begin the planning and timing process. Class slots will be awarded on a first-to-respond basis, until full.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Best Regards,

Wade Funk - 2019 LINT President

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