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February 2020 meeting

  • 11 Feb 2020 8:45 AM
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    Steve Kinnaird (Administrator)

    Thoughts on the meeting:

    1--Mike and Karen are wonderful hosts. Karen opened up her kitchen/dining room for a tasty spread of fajitas with all the trimmings. And Mike, not only did he thoroughly clean and organize his busy shop, but for this meeting he developed a clever jig to radius the side assembly (of a guitar) to accept the doming of an arched plate. His ingenuity continues to amaze!

    2--The show and tell portion yielded some rewarding glimpses into members' work. Rick Eagan showed off his first guitar, as did Russell Davis and Eb Steward. Bo Walker showed us his sweet little parlor guitar, one of an identical pair being built hopefully for Neiman Marcus. Steve Kinnaird shared his parlor guitar patterned after his Grandfather's instrument, which relic is over 100 years old. 

    3--Our roundtable discussion of top/back plates produced some interesting observations: "doming" the plates increases stiffness and affects the way the guitar will respond. It increases the stability, making it more resistant to climatic changes. Because of increased stiffness, it can be worked thinner, which can yield a more responsive instrument. By comparison, a truly flat plate will be more flexible, which can yield greater bass response. More was said, as is the case with a room full of luthiers, but these were some of the main points. When we went out to Mike's shop, we had a hands-on display of different types of linings, available from the usual supply houses, and a raffle where these were awarded to some lucky winners.

    4--We had the pleasure of welcoming some first-timers, as well as some friendly faces we hadn't seen in a while. Chuck Lee reappeared after a long hiatus, bedecked in some fine new threads, showing us just how stylish a luthier can be! Ryan Middlebrook also attended, and led a demo using Mike's new jig. 

    5--Some extended fellowship occurred during lunch at the Bizzell's, and afterwards a spontaneous jam session erupted. We learned that Steve Frady and Eb Steward have fine voices and can harmonize well enough to quit their day jobs. They really sounded good. 

    Thanks to all who came, all who helped and all who participated. It was rewarding!

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  • 12 Feb 2020 9:06 AM
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    Bill Bell (Administrator)

    Thanks Steve for the documentation.

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