Luthiers Interactive of North Texas (LINT)

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Created on: 16 Jun 2020
on the workbench...
  • Bolivian rosewood rosette in mahogany top
  • Walnut crotch figure rosette on Sitka
  • Start of a black walnut and Sitka dread for a friend
  • mahogany top getting braced up
  • Necks, necks, necks
  • OM. Indian Rosewood b/s with a very nice Sitka top I picked up from Steve K.
  • Small jumbo. Peruvian walnut b/s with Sitka top. Padauk rosette and bindings going on this one.
  • Padauk on Sitka
  • All Honduras mahogany OM with Bolivian rosewood bindings and rosette. Lots of brown colors and honey tones on this one.
  • end wedges done. the cuts for the padauk got away from me so this one got enlarged :)
  • Made a go-bar deck to start getting this type of thing done

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Luthiers Interactive of North Texas is a club of like-minded individuals, located in the North Texas area, sharing the joy and craft of building stringed instruments. 

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